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  • Broadcasting

    Ever wanted to multiply yourself to do more fun stuff? We help you do that via broadcast feature - you simply describe when, where along with few important attributes. We multiply your broadcast many times to reach many suitable accommodations within community.
    Have some special requirements? No problem, you can always leave a note with your broadcast!

  • Personal prices

    With incredible reach you get by using broadcast you will usually start receiving offers directly from owners in minutes. Each offer is a personal deal between you and the owner. No one else will see what a special deal you are taking!
    It could be last room left and host wants to charge you just €7 for breakfast and cleaning. Your note reached like minded person who shares your hobbies and it is ok to just stay and talk about experiences. All these are deals not available elsewhere. Even if you phone up directly.
    Once you see an offer that you like, just accept it and deal is done.

  • Rapid decisions

    Being on the move leaves you little time to go back and forth via emails, calls, texts with accomodations. You and the hosts have just 3 hours to make and accept offers.
    No more uncertainty and days of waiting for reply.

  • Impressions

    Your are part of revolution in reviews! Everyone is bored of leaving just commenting or giving great places '5'(remind me what is 3.14 rating means?).
    With Justsleep you can continiously save and evolve your impressions about the trip! Finding it hard to get to the place - post reaction([:confused:]), spotted street artist in creative process nearby - record a video, having delicious breakfast in the morning - upload a photo.
    Don't wait until the end. Be impressed. Be present. Continiously.

  • Be together

    Travelling in a group with friends and booking for all of them? Just add them to your booking and be on the same page.
    Changes to the group last minute? Not an issue! You can just swap travellers(including yourself) via easy to use interface.

  • Awesomeness

    Meeting great people, being to places, attending spectacular events make you more awesome. We just make it easy. For you.

Our hosts

They are people like you

What makes the Justsleep experience truly great are the people there host. They are mothers and fathers. Students and teachers. Neighbors. Friends. Our hosts rent out their own homes, some have small boutique places they run as a hotel, others provide a shared room or a crash pad. But they have all in common that they have decided to be a great and welcoming host on their own schedule.

We are in Germany and UK.

And coming to 193 other countries.